Toursim like you never seen in Saudi Arabia | سياحة كما لم تراها من قبل في السعودية

  • MadainSaleh

    Madain Saleh, Al Ula

  • Jeddah view on the sea for tours

    Floating Mosque, Jeddah

  • Madinah Tours

    Al Masjid Al Nabawi, Madinah

  • Makkah Tour

    Al Masjid Al Haram, Makkah

See Saudi Arabia's hidden gems

Qasswa Toursim offers several heritage and sightseeing tours in areas that was not even toured before.

All of Qasswa tours are based on historically and archaeologically verified information that our team spent months researching. All of the information is verified by scholars and authorities in their respective divisions in order to tell magnificent stories kept at told through the ages until our present time.

Tourism in style

Qasswa tours are being offered using Qasswa premium fleet of cars and coaches to suit all needs.

With a taste added vale, tours are inclusive of welcome snacks and a meal sampling the taste of the local food and heritage of the visited sites.

تعرف على لآليء السعودية المخبأة

تتميز رحلات السياحة من القصواء بالمرونة، حيث توفر القصواء للسياحة رحلات جاهزة إلى مواقع مميزة وجديدة لم تزورها الرحلات من قبل، بالإضافة إلى إمكانية عمل الرحلة المناسبة لكم. 

جميع رحلات القصواء تحكي قصصا موثقة من السيرة النبوية الشريفة أو التاريخ، وتتميز هذه القصص بتوثيقها وتحقيقها من فريق القصواء والجهات العلمية والمختصة بهذا المجال مثل الجامعات والهيئات

سياحة على مستوى عالي

بالإضافة إلى تميز رحلات القصواء باستخدام سيارات القصواء الفاخرة والمرشدين المتمرسين المرخصين، رحلات القصواء تشمل تذوق الأكلات المحلية ولمس الثقافة الحضرية للمزارات

Pre historic sculpture in madden saleh

Unparalleled Experience in a Al Ula

Q Al Ula and Madsen Saleh dates back to pre historic times up to 3000PC

A wide shot of Khaybar Area showing the old forts

Experience the thrill in Khaybar

The location of a major turning in the peninsula's history, with its long standing castles and amazing palm forests, Khaybar is a tour must be tried. Khaybar is considered a virgin area with so little visitors over the years and rich history to offer. 

A wide shot of the floating mosque at Jeddah Corniche

See the sea in Jeddah

Known as the pride of the Red Sea, Jeddah tour covers the heritage, the modernity and the landmarks of this pre historic city that has the tomb of Eve and a track record of several civilisations marvelled in this port city. 

Check out Makkah hidden gems

The holy city of islam, Makkah is the location where it all begins. Qasswa tour will show you the hidden sites of pre islamic, islamic and later in history sites that are less known to the public.

Relive the battle of Badr

The first and most decisive battle in Islam history, Badr site is rich with signs of bravery and dedication as well as telling a great story in a historic to modern tour that will take your breath away.

Trace the prophet history in Madinah

The capital of Islam and the ancient city that contains the tomb of the Prophet PBUH is filled with many stories both known and hidden. it is the perfect tour to learn about the best time in all human history

Enjoy the weather in Taif, with some history

The mountain city of time combines the history, modernity, scenic views and amazing lodging. Taif is a must see in Saudi Arabia, Qasswa tour in Taif takes you through time in a super scene to discover why was it called the pride of summer cities.