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What is Qasswa?


Qasswa was founded in 1981 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, by Mr. Mahmoud Asaad Hashem, who has been the CEO since. It started by providing services to a group of pilgrims and grew over the years to become one of the leading companies in the religious tourism industry, providing its services to thousands of guests exceeding 80,000 in 1433H (Dec 2011 – Nov 2012) from almost every continent on earth.
The name “Qasswa” came from the camel that prophet Mohammed PBUH performed his one and only pilgrimage to Makkah on. It was his enabler to perform this pillar of Islam. Therefore, we in Qasswa believe that, with our services, guests of Allah can perform their rituals and rites in a comfortable and hassle free manner.

Qasswa is one of the first local companies granted the license by the Ministry of Haj (www.haj.gov.sa) to be one of the “Certified Umra Service Provider” since the Saudi government organized the sector in 1423H/2002. Qasswa is reputable and has a professional track record with the Ministry of Haj since all its rules and regulations are being fulfilled. Moreover, Qasswa is a “Certified Local/Domestic Haj Service Provider” since 1415H/1995. Qasswa is remarkably considered to be one of the top three companies in this area.

Why Qasswa?

Integrated Services

• Since Qasswa has different components under one umbrella, it has the advantage of giving its partners/agents a one-stop-shop services
• All Qasswa operations are linked through one e-system which helps in efficient inter departmental communication to ensure smooth delivery of services
• Fully equipped functional branches to serve both agents and guests
• Directly or through allotments, Qasswa owns a large number of room nights in various hotels and categories in both Makkah and Madina which offers the advantage of instant confirmation and quick response as well as competitive prices
• Being a preferred customer in most of hotel chains, Qasswa has the priority in room confirmations & allotments.

Qualified and Motivated Team

• Management team that comes from wide and diversified backgrounds: Travel and Tourism, Hospitality, Real Estate Development, Construction, FMCG, Marketing and Industry
• Attract qualified team members from leading companies in different industries to adopt the best practices
• Periodic training and development sessions for team members on professional competencies and skills.

Superior Customer Experience

• Quick and prompt response from staff to agent/guest requests
• Swift actions towards issues or difficulties that might face guests
• Commitment to deliver all services as agreed
• Human interaction through smiles and welcoming attitude
• Attention to minor details in executing the required services to ensure guest satisfaction and superior customer experience.

What does Qasswa stand for?


To be the Ultimate Choice for Haj, Umra and Hospitality


Providing Haj, Umra and Hospitality Integrated Services with the Highest Quality in a Superior Customer Experience through a Qualified and Motivated Team


Loyalty, Exceeding Expectations & Social Responsibility (CSR)


Qasswa has an extensive network of International Air Transport Association (IATA) agents all over the world covering more than 34 countries. These agents are marketing Qasswa’s quality services to guests interested to perform rituals in the holy places, Makkah & Madina.